Safety and Courtesy Around Horses


Give horses a brake! For your safety and theirs, please be considerate of horses and riders as you enjoy Woodside’s rural roads and trails. Equestrians will particularly appreciate the following simple rules of horsefriendly etiquette:




  • Slow down when you see horseback riders.
  • Give horses the right-of-way and stop to let horsemen cross the road.
  • Please do not honk at horses; they are easily frightened by loud noises.
  • Be considerate when in groups. Horses are unnerved by groups of bicyclists or runners.
  • Do not obstruct roadside trails with parked cars or trucks.
  • Make sure any trail crossing your driveway is safe for horses; slick asphalt is dangerous.
  • Please be aware that balloons or streamers on mailboxes or posts adjacent to trails can be frightening to horses.
  • Please be cautious when you encounter horses on a trail. If approaching from behind, a word to the rider is helpful for the safety of you both.

Preserve Our Rural Town! Please Preserve Trails and Barns


woodside-barnRemember, the presence of horses is responsible for the rural atmosphere of Woodside that is so highly valued. Please help retain and expand our outstanding trail system by keeping your stable permits/trail user fees current. If you purchase a parcel of land with a permissive horse trail on it, please consider dedicating that strip of land as a Conservation Easement to the Town, which will then maintain the trail and assume liability for its use.


If you have an empty barn on your property, please consider reopening it for equestrian use. Because barns themselves are part of our rural picture, it is important to preserve, maintain, and/or restore them.


A Welcome Basket for New Woodside Homeowners and Business


welcome_basket.jpgWHOA! welcomes new residents to the Woodside-Portola Valley area with a basket of goodies and information about everything equine in their new neighborhood. We are pleased to introduce new residents to the fact that even though they now live in the heart of a very urbanized area with 5 star restaurants, hotels and idealogy, they also have chosen a very unique area which honors the heritage of the horse and all that it stands for. This means a relaxed, lifestyle with rustic surroundings  which includes no sidewalks, many large, beautiful open spaces and majestic woodlands parks.


The horse serves the Woodside-area by contributing millions of dollars to our economy and more. Horses:

  • help our disabled to walk again
  • teach our children responsibility
  • provide our older citizens a means of active exercise
  • help to keep all our citizens mindful of a respite that this area offers from the hectic, frenzied lifestyle that surrounds us.


Our hope is to encourage all new residents to continue to cherish all that the horse stands for, even if they never sit upon these wonderful creatures themselves!


For general donations or Day of the Horse sponsorship you may process the payment online through the Woodside Community Foundation - the fiscal umbrella for WHOA!




(for Day of the Horse sponsorship, please put "DOTH" in the message field on the form)


Board Your Horse in Woodside

Many boarding opportunities exist, ranging from small private facilities to larger and public options.

Please fill out a brief online form and we will contact you shortly.